Taras has written about food, food history, wine and liquor, and the intersection of food and the environment in such magazines and newspapers as Gourmet, The Guardian, Saveur, The Times of London, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. (He may be a food writer, but don't call him a foodie.)

January, 2024

To Save It, Eat It: Why Gene Banks Aren't Enough to Save the World's Food: my feature essay for Ideas Magazine, on the website of San Francisco's Long Now Foundation (Here's the link.)

December, 2023

What, Exactly, Is Canadian Cuisine? Allow These Six Restaurants to Show You: feature in Food & Wine Magazine (Here's the link.)

December, 2023

A Side Dish of Bugs, Please: excerpt from The Lost Supper in Perspectives Magazine (UK) (Here's the link.)

Sept., 2023

Eat the Past to Preserve the Future: op-ed in Canada's Globe and Mail on turning to the foods, and farming techniques, of the past to ensure future food security (Here's the link.)

July, 2023

Where to Find Italy's Most Authentic Gelato: National Geographic sent me to the Carpigiani Gelato University, outside of Bologna, where I got a crash course in the science of frozen delights. Making gelato is more complicated than it looks! (Here's the link.)

September, 2022

This Miracle Plant Was Eaten into Extinction 2,000 Years Ago—Or Was It? : National Geographic sent me to the heart of Turkey to investigate rumors of the rediscovery of silphion, a fetish plant of the ancient Greeks and Romans (Here's the link.)

March, 2022

Why Canada's Little-Known Magdalen Islands are a Food-Lover's Paradise: feature in Food & Wine Magazine (Here's the link.)

November, 2021

Culinary Detectives Try to Recover the Formula for a Deliciously Fishy Roman Condiment: the Smithsonian Magazine sent me to Cádiz, Spain, to investigate the revival of the pungent fermented fish sauce garum (Here's the link.)

July, 2019

Meet the Tree-Pruner Behind Some of Italy's Best and Rarest Olive Oils: feature in Saveur Magazine (Here's the link)

June, 2018

The Best Asian Food in North America? Try British Columbia: feature in NY Times travel on Night Markets and Asian cuisine in Richmond, BC. (Here's the link)

Sept, 2015

When in Rome, Learn to Cook Italian: feature on learning to cook cacio e pepe and other staple pasta dishes of Rome in NY Times Travel (Here's the link.)