March, 2024

The Future of Public Transit Isn't a Hyperloop or High-Speed Train—It's Your Smartphone: an op-ed in the Globe and Mail about Montreal's Transit App and the benefits of trip-planning apps. (Here's the link.)

December, 2022

This Museum Is Trash—Literally: an encounter with a beachcomber in Puglia who turns waste washed up onshore into Archaeoplastica, a virtual museum of plastic, in National Geographic (Here's the link.)

July, 2022

Living in a Doomed Paradise Where the Sea Consumes Cottages and Cliffs: my longread for Hakai Magazine on how sea-level rise is affecting the beyond-beautiful Iles de la Madeleine in Quebec (Here's the link.)

September, 2019

A Century After Fascism's Birth in Italy, Authoritarians are Once Again on the Rise: my op-ed in the Globe and Mail, coinciding with the release of my non-fiction book Possess the Air (Here's the link.)

August, 2017

Another Good Reason to Make Cities Car-Free: after car-ramming attacks in Barcelona and Charlottesville, I make the case in this New York Times op-ed that security is another good argument for expanding pedestrian-only zones (Here's the link.)

January, 2016

The Dirty Truth About "Clean Diesel" : op-ed in The New York Times, following VW's Dieselgate scandal (Here's the link.)